It’s a new year so there are new starts wherever you look.  Whether it be diets, exercise or cutting out alcohol, animal products or sugar, there are no end of options for you to “start your year the right way”.

Choose Your New Habit Well

This year, I decided to add rather than take away from my life.  I saw this great tip on Pinterest and I knew immediately that I wanted to do it for myself this year.

“This January, start the year with an empty jar.  Each week, add a note with a good thing that happened.  On New Year’s Eve, empty the jar and read about the amazing year you had”

Simple as that!  And so easy to keep up over the year. 

Encouraging Positive Memories

I’m already looking forward to what might end up in my jar by the end of the year.  Surely it will be easy enough to find one good thing each week to end up in there.  In this world where we focus more on what isn’t going so well for us and spend time trying to figure out how to fix it, I’m excited about the prospect of focusing on what is good in my life and capturing those moments to remember.

What about you?

What habit are you going to start this year?  Is it one for your life in general, or have you decided to do something differently in how you approach your career?  Maybe your jar could be at work and you capture good things that happen each week at work?

Whatever you decide to do differently this year, have it contribute to your life rather than take away.  Telling yourself not to do something is a recipe for disaster.  Telling yourself you want to do more of something and knowing why it’s important to you allows you to build new habits that support you.

Good luck with whatever you choose to be your thing for 2019.  Contact me to let me know what changes it brings to your life.

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