About Me

A Passion for People


My Professional Background

I'm a certified and accredited coach with 15+ years of experience in human resources, specialising in leadership development.  I have worked for large global companies, small non-profits, and in the public sector, each of which have provided challenges, multiple learning opportunities, and international experience.

My Passion

My career has helped me follow my passion.  I have also personally experienced some career highs and lows.  However, it was in the process of being made redundant and finding myself between jobs too many times over a short period that I discovered my calling to become a coach.  I became a career advisor working with MBA and specialised Masters students who were studying in the US on a visa.  This was the beginning of my career coaching journey.

Now I can offer you the opportunity to invest in yourself, to learn, to grow and to achieve more than you could ever imagine.

About Coaching

Unlocking Your Potential


Your Role

In a nutshell – show up, be honest, commit to yourself, hold yourself accountable to your decisions and actions, and have as much fun as possible!  Between sessions, you will have some further thinking, reflecting or action to take before your next session to move forward in your own happiness and fulfillment.

My Role As Your Coach

My role as a coach is to guide and facilitate your journey and to help you move towards a life you want.  I ask questions, listen and help uncover the creativity you already possess. I don’t instruct or advise.