Networking is an essential part of life, and is even more important as you go about figuring out your next career move.

In my career coaching programme, I encourage you to go out and speak to your network and work on building it even more.  Our networks are always way bigger than we first think.  Every single person we know (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, colleagues, bosses) are all part of our networks.  And their networks by extension are part of our networks.

Working Your Network

When doing a job search, it’s important to speak to our networks and learn more about the stuff we assume we know about them.  Sharing what you are looking for and asking if they know anyone that would be interesting or helpful for you to talk to is a simple way to start your work to build your network and get yourself closer to the job you want.

There may be people in your network that you admire, people whose careers inspire and impress us.  Everyone has a much more interesting career story that you would expect.  It’s important to know some basics of making those connections.  Here’s a few steps you can take:

  1. Start by establishing who you are. When you email or message, mention your mutual connections, or work you’ve done in their field.
  2. Be specific about what you’re asking for. You should be clear that you have no expectations. You like what they do and you’d enjoy the chance to be useful to them, but you completely understand if they’re too busy.
  3. Offer them something in return. You should always think about something you can offer them in return for their time to connect with you.

Most people like helping someone else out.  And what goes around comes around.  So while for now you are asking others for help, advice, insight and support, ensure that you pay it forward by being someone that helps other people when they reach out to you.

Work with Me

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