I was in the middle of a career transition and didn’t quite know how to begin tackling my resume, after all, I had been working for myself for so long it was easy to lose sight of what would be attractive to a corporation.

Jenny took a good, hard look at my resume and restructured it in a way that was visually clean and structured, emphasized the most relevant material while reframing the slightly-less relevant experiences. My resume now reads confidently and professionally – something it certainly didn’t to begin with.

I cannot thank Jenny enough for giving me the confidence (even if it is just a piece of paper) to begin applying for corporate jobs again. I now know that what ends up on an employer’s desk will be the very best version of myself that I can present, and that is priceless. Thank you, Jenny!

E.B, Canada

Chris, Illinois

Jenny is a sincere, kind, and prompt professional.  Her approach combines professional career development experience with coach training to offer an effective approach for those considering changes in their career.

In lieu of going into great detail, I would like to simply share my results.  When I started working with Jenny I was in a career rut.  I had been a licensed professional in a technical career field for 10 years.  I was burned out and ready for a change.

After working with Jenny for a few short months, I am now the proud owner of my very own businesses in a completely new field, one which I am passionate about.  I am excited about the future and this new career path, thank you Jenny!!

Jenny is a rockstar. Please reach out to this amazing lady especially if you are looking to make a career or life change! She was recommended to me by my husband after he had worked with her in the horrible 2008 economic collapse.

She helped me immensely when looking to move from Los Angeles to San Diego to be with my now husband! She not only worked with me to create a path to a successful job transition, she coached me through a year of both emotional and mental challenges that I faced.

She has a heart of gold and is extremely knowledgeable in career coaching in which she will help you find your path to success!  Thanks again Jenny for everything you did for both my husband and I. We sincerely appreciate all your hard work!

Priscilla, California