One of the dilemmas of job searching is that at some point you will have to make a decision on whether to accept a job offer or not. 

If you are like most people, through your job search process, your main focus is usually on getting the job offer you want.  You have written your CV, applied online, got the interview, been grilled by the hiring manager and anyone else on the interview panel.  If you ticked all their boxes, you are likely to get a job offer.  The question is, do you accept it?

I ask you this question because I have often seen candidates fail to interview the business.  At most interviews, as a candidate, you are asked “do you have any questions for us?”.  Most of the time, candidates say no, or might have one or two questions.

I like to offer my coaching clients a new perspective that an interview is a 2-way street.  It is an opportunity for the business to interview you, but also for you to interview the business.  So when you get the opportunity to ask questions, make sure you have a great set of questions to ask them.  These questions might include:

  • what does success look like in this role?
  • how will they know they’ve selected the right candidate?
  • what are the rest of the team like?
  • is there anything specific they are looking for to add to the team skills?
  • what does the day-to-day look like?
  • can you shadow someone already doing the job?
  • what are some of the challenges faced in the role?

There are loads of questions you can ask that will help you get a better picture of what life will be like in the job, in the department,  and in the business.

So next time you prepare for an interview, make sure you think of some of the questions you want to have answered so you can take an informed decision on whether to accept a job offer or not.

Want more support while you go about your next job search?  I’d love to work with you.   I love working with 1:1 clients as they go through this journey.  Read more about my “Grow Your Career” programme here and email me if you are interested in a free call to learn more.

Good luck!

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