Oh my goodness!  We are already in April!  How did that happen?

Many people are beginning to think about getting their spring cleaning and decluttering done.  So while you are at it, it’s a good time to declutter and spruce up your CV.  Keeping it simple and basic, I’m going to share what makes a good CV.  


My Top 3 CV Decluttering Tips

  1. Layout

Keep it to two (2) pages and maximise your space on the page using smaller margins, a clear font, and a reasonable font size.  Ensure your page is balanced, but not cluttered.

  1. Be Chronological

Work backwards from your most recent role.  Once you have around 5 years of work experience, put your education section at the end.  Be clear on the months and years that you started and finished in your roles.

  1. Showcase Your Capabilities

Under each job you have, write a short description of the role – the kind of thing you would tell someone if you had to explain what the gist of your job is.  Then use your bullet points to showcase what you did in the job.  Instead of listing your responsibilities, quantify them.  For example, I could say:

  • manage recruitment for a variety of types of roles across the business

Or I could say:

  • simultaneously manage approx. 5 recruitment campaigns at any one time, screening CVs, arranging and attending interviews, and coach hiring manager in selection decision.

Which version gives you a better idea of what I get up to when it comes to recruitment?

Give it a Go!

Have a go at re-writing your CV.  Start with a blank document and build it up again from nothing.  Sometimes it’s better to go back to the drawing board rather than tweak something you’ve been updating for the last 10 years.

If you want any help with your CV, email it to me at mycoachjenny@gmail.com and I can give you a couple of tips to get you going.

Good luck with your re-write!

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