I’m just back from taking two weeks of holiday (or vacation as our American friends would call it!).  I went to Florida, back to the area where I used to live, with the intention to spend as much time with my friends there as possible.

I vacated my life here in the UK for two weeks.  I didn’t think about my job, my coaching business, or anything that was happening back home.  I decided to have minimal communication with my friends and family here.  It was a true vacation.

Reflections on My Holiday/Vacation

I stayed with three different friends.  I spent varying amounts of time with them as a result of fitting around their day-to-day lives.  I got to spend quality time with everyone.  I got to be present to what’s going on in their worlds.  I got to practice being a mum with some of them (they have young kids), or allowed them an evening of feeling like they were just them and enjoying the opportunity to escape, even if it was just for dinner.

What I got from my holiday was this:

  • I felt truly rested by focusing on what I was doing rather than what I had left behind
  • I got to contribute to the lives of my friends by listening, responding and sharing with them
  • I came back feeling energised to return to the office and get back into the swing of things with my coaching business because I’d given myself the break
  • Having gone outlet mall shopping while I was there, I got to wear some lovely new clothes when I got back that had me smile and remember my holiday each day I wore something new

When it comes to holidays, I am aware that I am “fortunate” that I don’t yet have kids or a husband to interrupt or influence my experience.  That’s not my reality and so until it is, I’m not going to compare my experience with someone who does have those things.  There are plenty of other people like me who go on holiday alone.  I mix mine between going somewhere myself and visiting friends I’ve met as my life has taken me places.  I’m fortunate that many of my close friends live in warmer climates!

What About You?

How will you plan your next holiday so that you feel relaxed, rested, and fulfilled?  When was the last time you came back from holiday feeling energised to return to your normal life?  What changes have you made after a holiday?

I’d love to hear from you!

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